Friday, October 31, 2014

Mme Bovary


Do you remember this post maybe? In that post I was writing about my favorite Pop Up shop in Antwerp, Mme Bovary. 

I will repeat that in this shop you can find different handmade stuff: clothes, decoration for house and many accessories, all is made with love, good quality of materials and with romantic retro touch. 

The lady behind Mme Bovary- Barbara, designs her own line of high quality jewelry. Her creations are elegant and shine in their simplicity. 

On this photos you can see really interesting and unique head jewelry from Barbara`s jewelry collection.

This pieces suit to every style from casual, elegant to romantic boho style. It makes you shine, even with simple outfit.

Shop is located in the heart of Antwerp in street Melkmarkt 4.
If you are in neighborhood or you come to visit Antwerp mark this shop in your map.

Photos by Milan Swolfs

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One day in a castle


It is unbelievable for me that is autumn here and still so nice weather, sunny and 20°C.
This photos we took last weekend, that day was not cold but it was cloudy. My dressing mostly depend from my mood. And when weather is like that I become little depressive and then I always like to wear dark clothes. 

If you ask me dark clothes suit better in 20`s and 30`s style. That style I love so much because it is dark and mysterious, but I m not wearing it so often as i would like to. I must admit that i started to like dark red lipstick more and more and I'm wearing it more often. In one of next posts I will share with you my 20`s make up look which you can wear during the day, which is less dramatic.

I have this dress for so long and I'm wearing it often, but I've never showed it on my blog. When i bought this vintage hat last month I already had the idea to wear it with this dress. 

This wonderful place is Kasteel van Schoten, which is built 1548. In my opinion this castle was the perfect choice and suits so good with my style from that day. Before we took these photos we had a long walk around Kasteel where you can find a little garden with beautiful animals.

Photos: Milan Swolfs

I wore:
Dress- Sareni Izlog
Shoes: Borovo
Bag: Vintage
Hat: Vintage

Saturday, October 11, 2014



While I m laying in my bed and listening rain on my window, I m remembering beautiful spring I spent here, and one of that beautiful spring day we used to make this photos. Long days warm and sunny, what else you need. Now here is really cold, I think rainy season started, and when weather is like this I have wish just to lay in bed, cover myself with soft blanket and watch movies or read book, but that is not possible when you have obligations. But my free time i will spend like that for sure.
But let`s go back on photos.

This colorful outfit and sunshine are the best combination. Green on me and all green around me too. 
Beautiful place we used for photos is called Revierenhof it is so close to Antwerp, and it deserve to be visited.

                         Photos by: Milan Swolfs

I wore:
Skirt, shirt: Vintage
Hat: Gift from Vietnam
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Woody Ellen

Friday, September 19, 2014

Botanic garden


It`s been a while since I posted something on my blog. It was for a long time not on my priority list. Not because I didn't wanted, it is just because big and important things are happening in my life.
I came back in Belgium before a few weeks, I'm happy to be here again. I have a lot of busy schedules every day, a lot of obligations but soon you will discover more about my daily life here.

Today I'm taking you in one of Antwerp's little treasures: the botanic garden. One of my favorite places in Antwerp. The location of the botanic garden is situated in a vivid an interesting area. You really have feeling that u are in Paris. In this beautiful street you can find many interesting antique shops. If you are coming here, visit this place you will like it I'm sure.

Photos by: Milan Swolfs

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh that beautiful nature


It was one sunny and relaxed Saturday we spent in nature, beautiful nature.
I realized that most of us always like to show photos from our travels, from some places not seen before which we consider so beautiful. Mostly forgetting that we are surrounded with the same beauty every day. It is weird that we visit this places just when we have guests, to show them our nice places.

Often we say oh it is boring here, we don`t have so much things to show but in the end we are not aware what we have, how much nice places are around us, pure nature for relaxing and enjoying.
This place is called Krupa na Vrbasu, it is 28 km distance from Banja Luka. Here you can see beautiful waterfalls of river Vrbas.
Oh now I know how I will miss this beautiful places and all nice places around my town.

Photos by: Milan Swolfs

I m wearing:
Dress: Lindy Bop
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Sandals: Carapko
Pearls: Vintage
Sunglasses: I am