Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Make up

Inspiration for this blog gave me one girl; she told me today that first she see on me is good make up. 

Make up is something that I really like to do,  especially when I have time,do it slowly and listen some good music.
Sometimes I make up other people. 
I really love to play with eye shadows.
On me, in the last time, you can usually see some nude color of eye shadows with red lipstick, or smokey-eyes with some neutral lip-gloss

On this photo is just one part of my make up :)


  1. mmmmmm nice, ja imam takvu jednu sličnu paletu.. i kao što je jedna glumica rekla.. trebale bi cure nositi make up da bi svaki dan izgledale lijepo jer nikad ne znaš koga ćeš sresti ;)))

  2. Paleta je super.
    Nekada ljudi kazu kako ti se svaki dan da sminkati, pa to je meni isto kao umiti se i oprati zube, navika :).

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