Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ten days ago I was in Slovenia for the first timeIt was great,except that rain spoiled a lotI wanted and  I needed to visit a lot, but the rain never ceased to fallIt destroyed the photos, I couldn't look on my eyes cus of stupid grey clouds.  

Howeverwhat I saw impressed me, flowers, meadows and forth.

I was in a town called Ptuj. The town is small and very old, the buildings are mainly from the Austro-Hungarian times, because of that I like it so much.

Pets of my relatives
                                                                 The sweetest creature


  1. your polka dot dress is just darling! i love the neckline, especially. and the dog and cat... SO CUTE!

  2. Hello! You have an interesting website. It is nice to visit here.

  3. ova haljina ti je predivna i odlično izgledaš.. ideš na moju blog listu ! i meni je kiša baš pokvarila dobar dio ljeta ali eto..

  4. Ovaj post mi je odličan! Prije svega ti si stvarno lijepa, haljina ti je divna, i životinjice su meeeed :)

  5. Predivna haljinica. Baš mi se sviđa tvoj blog i tvoj stil, nadam se da će biti i više outfit slikica uskoro... Pratim te obavezno! :)


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