Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Short post from Holland

As you know, I'm in Holland and here I will stay until January 10, and as for me I have not even coming back to Bosnia.

I just wanted to welcome you and to know that I didn't forgot my bloggers :),  just do not spend time at the computer.

I am in a very nice small town called Veenendaal. I like this town, and here I was in some shops and I sow very nice clothes, that I will buy at sales :).

As every Dutchman I have my bike too.

Soon I will go at Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and other cities.

In some of my next posts I will show you a lot of photos ;)

Ich werde dir bald schreiben  :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something old something new

First something new and good :)

I would like to share with you one very good news. At October 20th  I m going to Holland. That beautiful country of tulips, windmills and cheese :). I will stay there for three months,I will go with airplane from Zagreb to Amsterdam. I m so excited about that. I can't wait to finish all my exams, then  to plan my trip, of course it's to difficult to decide what clothes to take, and like every women I need few big suitcases :). 

Something old

As I told before I like my style but I hate to take photos of myself, cus I can't be normal on photos :). And every time when I m going out, I m in hurry and don't have a time for photos. But I must take some photos in Holland and I will show it to you.
Before 15 days it was wedding of my cousin and I will show you my outfit.That day I had exam too, and I had so little time to be ready, and my hair is not like I wanted.
I have it just two cus of my problems with taking photos, I know I m crazy :)

With my other cousin, I m on left side :)

         I m wearing:

         corset: ebay.com
              skirt: dinodirect.com
                              shoes: local store in Banja Luka
bag: Mango
                  sunglasses: Accessorize 
             bracelet: Accessorize