Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Short post from Holland

As you know, I'm in Holland and here I will stay until January 10, and as for me I have not even coming back to Bosnia.

I just wanted to welcome you and to know that I didn't forgot my bloggers :),  just do not spend time at the computer.

I am in a very nice small town called Veenendaal. I like this town, and here I was in some shops and I sow very nice clothes, that I will buy at sales :).

As every Dutchman I have my bike too.

Soon I will go at Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and other cities.

In some of my next posts I will show you a lot of photos ;)

Ich werde dir bald schreiben  :)


  1. Pa nema te dugo,bas bih voljela vise tvojih postova,uzivaj :)

  2. sviđa mi se blog! i psić posebno <3<3, pratimo se preko googla? :*

  3. provedi se!!!!


  4. ajme, tek otkrila ovu divotu! sviđam blog jako jako! <3


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