Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Love Vintage Shop

           If you remember in one of my posts, I was talking about Amsterdam and one beautiful shop.
That shop is " I love vintage" their page is . I discovered that shop before one year maybe.  I enjoyed watching their wonderful things. In that shop they have new and vitage things- clothes, shoes and accessories. They have online shop and shop in Amsterdam.

           When I came in Holland, all time I was thinking " I must go in that shop, I must buy one dress, or shoes", cus you know i have big problems with shoes, i wear 41 number of shoes, and here in Bosnia it is so difficult to find shoes that fits to me, and I still didn't find perfect shoes for me... On their page I found address of their shop, I write it on paper and I was waiting  for day, when I will go in Amsterdam. I planned to go only with my aunt, but I didn't talk her about this shop. When we came in Amsterdam we were in center, watched city, and some shops. After some hours, I said to her that I want to find this shop. We ask people for that street, and we walked, we walked, and my aunt said to me that I m crazy, "Just for one dress, we walk so long"? I said to her :" Please, go with me, I will clean dish for all time I m in Holland :)". And we find the shop.

          I went inside, and when I looked around I was thinking that I came in time machine who back me in some old times, and I didn't want to go outside anymore. Inside was a lot of dresses and accessorise from 20's. 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. It was magical. I chose two dresses that I wanted to try on. In one of them I fell in love, it was love on first sight :). Girls that work in shop are so beautiful and "lieve" ( like Neatherland people say ). When I tried one of dresses, one of girls that work there talked with my aunt, and my aunt told to her, how I came from Bosnia to buy one of their dresses. (cus when I came in Holland all the time in my head was this shop). She was so touched with my story . And I buyed my lovely dress, and I resieved gifts from them. That dress for me is so so beautiful, and it is 50's dress, and 50's are mine favorite years. A few days after I felt so wonderful because I have my dress, I wass like little girl with new Barbie :).Ok it was little expensive (100 euro) for Bosnian student, but it worth, and I can't wait for spring or summer to wear it. And ofc I will post my combination with that dress here :)

         Ok, maybe for you this story is boring or stupid, or you think that I m crazy, but I love that old golden years, and that clothes, and you know that I here in Bosnia cant find it.


        And now photo of my dress :)

Lovely girls from shop :)

Their beautiful cat, say hello to Charlie 

Dresses, beautiful dresses :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

...back home

          With sad in my heart I'm telling you that I'm back home before two days. Yes I'm really sad. Today I was in town and I realized that for this three month nothing is change, I m thinking that this country is always the same. I really think that I don't belong here. Besides my family, nothing binds me here. It is like that and now I can't change it. if I continue to write I think that I will start to cry...I must stop.

      Now I have so much things to do here about my faculty and I must learn so much.

Some photos of Holland

PS In some of next posts I will show you my New Year outfit, I know i late so much.