Friday, January 13, 2012

...back home

          With sad in my heart I'm telling you that I'm back home before two days. Yes I'm really sad. Today I was in town and I realized that for this three month nothing is change, I m thinking that this country is always the same. I really think that I don't belong here. Besides my family, nothing binds me here. It is like that and now I can't change it. if I continue to write I think that I will start to cry...I must stop.

      Now I have so much things to do here about my faculty and I must learn so much.

Some photos of Holland

PS In some of next posts I will show you my New Year outfit, I know i late so much.


  1. Jojj draga mogu misliti kako ti je, ja sam 12 dana bila u Sarajevu, i kad sam se morala vratiti kući, došlo mi da se ubijem, a ti si tri mjeseca u drugoj državi, ali šta ćemo, kako je tako je, moramo se priviknuti. Biti će bolje <3
    P.S. slike su divne!

  2. i think it's important to live where you feel both inspired and peaceful. it can be hard to find places like that, and hard to make living there happen, but don't let it stop you!

  3. Lovely photos.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  4. I'm living in Holland from four years and I don"t find this country beautiful.I can"t even say,that is fijn,no mountins,tries and mentalitait of the people...Is better now than 4-3 years ago,but is not my coutry and never will be.Iwona


Your lovely comments :). Thanks!