Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Love Vintage Shop

           If you remember in one of my posts, I was talking about Amsterdam and one beautiful shop.
That shop is " I love vintage" their page is . I discovered that shop before one year maybe.  I enjoyed watching their wonderful things. In that shop they have new and vitage things- clothes, shoes and accessories. They have online shop and shop in Amsterdam.

           When I came in Holland, all time I was thinking " I must go in that shop, I must buy one dress, or shoes", cus you know i have big problems with shoes, i wear 41 number of shoes, and here in Bosnia it is so difficult to find shoes that fits to me, and I still didn't find perfect shoes for me... On their page I found address of their shop, I write it on paper and I was waiting  for day, when I will go in Amsterdam. I planned to go only with my aunt, but I didn't talk her about this shop. When we came in Amsterdam we were in center, watched city, and some shops. After some hours, I said to her that I want to find this shop. We ask people for that street, and we walked, we walked, and my aunt said to me that I m crazy, "Just for one dress, we walk so long"? I said to her :" Please, go with me, I will clean dish for all time I m in Holland :)". And we find the shop.

          I went inside, and when I looked around I was thinking that I came in time machine who back me in some old times, and I didn't want to go outside anymore. Inside was a lot of dresses and accessorise from 20's. 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. It was magical. I chose two dresses that I wanted to try on. In one of them I fell in love, it was love on first sight :). Girls that work in shop are so beautiful and "lieve" ( like Neatherland people say ). When I tried one of dresses, one of girls that work there talked with my aunt, and my aunt told to her, how I came from Bosnia to buy one of their dresses. (cus when I came in Holland all the time in my head was this shop). She was so touched with my story . And I buyed my lovely dress, and I resieved gifts from them. That dress for me is so so beautiful, and it is 50's dress, and 50's are mine favorite years. A few days after I felt so wonderful because I have my dress, I wass like little girl with new Barbie :).Ok it was little expensive (100 euro) for Bosnian student, but it worth, and I can't wait for spring or summer to wear it. And ofc I will post my combination with that dress here :)

         Ok, maybe for you this story is boring or stupid, or you think that I m crazy, but I love that old golden years, and that clothes, and you know that I here in Bosnia cant find it.


        And now photo of my dress :)

Lovely girls from shop :)

Their beautiful cat, say hello to Charlie 

Dresses, beautiful dresses :)


  1. A fairytail that came reality ;)
    Hello Chalrie..with your Angels...;)

  2. Haljina je predivna.
    Nadam se da ćemo i mi jednoga dana imati puno, puno veći izbor za kupovinu odjeće. Kod nas je to još uvijek sve slabo, jedino gdje mogu naći nešto za sebe je second hand, ili ovako preko neta u nekim vintage shopovima. Rijetko kad kupujem po buticima, jer to se danas ne isplati (bar meni), jedino ako je neko sniženje, ee onda može proći.

  3. Jako mi se svidjaju slike, a radnja je predivna, i ova slika sa haljinama i policama na kojoj su asesoari je divna:)

  4. oh boy is your dress gorgous darling! and your closet looks so nice too!

  5. haljina je predivna i neka si je kupila, ja sam planirala na proljeće u Amsterdam i najviše se radujem vintage shop-ovima! i ovaj ću baš da potražim!

  6. Your story is not stupid at all and you will look gorgeous in your new dress! :)

  7. What a beautiful story! Dragana you are verry sweet! Bigg hugg and it was nice to have you in the shop! I enjoyed your story and you have such a kind aunt! My regards! See you next time around!

    Mariska (

  8. Bas je divna haljina,vidim da ti je bilo bas fino tamo,kako bih ja voljela negdje odleprsati ali polako ima vremena :)
    Valjda se sad i negdje sretnemo ako si u BL :) bilo bih mi drago,jer si zasad jedina iz Bl koja bloguje :))

  9. excited for you to wear the new dress :)

  10. Super, super, super :D Prva fotka mi je najbolja

  11. Your dress is wonderful! I must visit that shop too when I'm in Amsterdam, it's not that far away from where I live (maybe 2 hours by train). :)

  12. the story is definitely not stupid or boring! In fact I know exactly what you mean. It feels really special when you get something that you really love. That's how it should be! I am sure the dress looks lovely on you!! Kisses from Canada!

  13. Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
    You are very kind!;)

    elegant !!!:)
    Vintage model, are beautiful!

  14. super su slike.haljina♥

  15. Mnogo mi se sviđaju te smeđe rupičaste cipele! Imala bih uz njih barem 10 kombinacija. Pratim te. posjeti i ti mene:


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