Thursday, March 29, 2012

My favorite pieces of clothes

      First I must say the bad news for me, the worst. Today I broke my camera, oh i was so sad, still I m :(. And so weird is that, that I had dream last night, it was about some good editorial with my sister, and I was photographer. Maybe that was a sign.
      In May I will go at Belgrade, and I hope, really hope that I will be buy new one...

      Ok, I will be back on my clothes now.....This two pieces of clothes I like so much when they are together. I wear them on many ways, and here I will snow you three combinations. Jacket I bought  in Amsterdam in H&M, and skirt I bought in Oberhausen, Gemany, Zara.

Tell me what is the best combination for you?

I want to show you my new shoes too, ok they are mine and my mom shoes :). This type of shoes are to love or to hate it, but I like it, they are not usual shoes. 


Immortality Passion

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Polka dots dress

              I wore this dress few days ago. It was nice sunny day, and I was sad because I couldn't take photos outside but I was so busy and I spent all my day in library. I know my hair is so messy, but that day I had victory rolls, and I was so tired and in car I put of my pins, and I couldn't wait to come home, take off my dress and make up and go to sleep :).

Immortality Passion

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My new sunglasses

        Finally my sunglasses arrived , and I m so happy.
I said so many times that i don't care about fashion trends and breads, but when I sow this sunglasses, few months,they have become must have for me. I can't wait to wear it :)

Prada baroque sunglasses

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring is here, my spring photos

      These days weather is so nice, and spring is coming, and I don't have a words to describe my happiness. When I get up and see sun trough my window I feel so good and full of energy :). Just sometimes I m sad cus I must spend my time in library to study. This weekend I spend outside in my garden with my dog and my friends. I just go inside of house to eat and sleep :). I helped my mum to plant flowers, cus I m in love with flowers.

      I must say that I don't see spring inspiration in some new collection of  famous designers or mint color .  My inspirations are sun, flowers and all that spring magic.
     All this photos I took in my garden, some of them are from last year, and others are from this.

PS: I m really sorry that I don't post my outfits, and the reason for it is that I m going to early from my house and I really don't have a time to take photos, and i don't have my photographer :) 

Spring 2011

    Spring 2012