Saturday, April 28, 2012

It is time for spring

     First sorry for not posting so long. I had exams, and after 15 practical tests, 3 big tests and two oral exams I finished my BIG exam, oh thanks God.

      Sun is finally here, and I m feeling so much better.
This morning I was cleaning my wardrobe, it is time for thin  and floral dresses  :)... I have to much new clothes that I didn't show you, some of them are from Holland. I also want to sew some new dresses, I have so much ideas. I m looking for new shoes so long and I still didn't find perfect one. Here is really hard to find nice shoes, and on internet is difficult to find my size, I m a big foot :), and I hate it but it is normal for my height (181 cm).

     As you know I m polka dots lover, and what is pin up girl without polka dots clothes :). I have so much polka dot clothes, dresses, blouses, simple shirts .... When you wear polka dots you can't go down the street unnoticed.  I will show you some of my favorite pieces, some of them you seen before.

I wanted to show you some of my outfits, but as you know my camera is broken and I still didn't decide what to do, what camera to buy.

Kisses until the next post :).

Immortality passion

Monday, April 16, 2012

Random web cam photos

         Hello my dear followers, I m not in the mood to write so much, I must admit that I m little depressed, Easter pass, and I have so much obligation this week, two exams, an my love is not here, I miss him :(.
         I don't know why I like web cam photos, maybe cus I m always crazy on it :), and I was in love with camera on aunt laptop from Holland, it was so good, I must set drivers on my netbook camera, just I forgot it.. I will show you some...
Hope that you are not mad one me cus of this short post :).

Immortality Passion

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inspiration for my new room

       These last days I m thinking so much about furniture. Soon I will have my new room in the house, and I can't wait for it. Here is so difficult to find what I want. In my head I can imagine, what I want to have. I want sweet vintage room.
       I have one old radio and gramophone which I inherited from my grandmother. It will have special place in my room, because it have big emotional value for me :).



Immortality Passion