Saturday, April 28, 2012

It is time for spring

     First sorry for not posting so long. I had exams, and after 15 practical tests, 3 big tests and two oral exams I finished my BIG exam, oh thanks God.

      Sun is finally here, and I m feeling so much better.
This morning I was cleaning my wardrobe, it is time for thin  and floral dresses  :)... I have to much new clothes that I didn't show you, some of them are from Holland. I also want to sew some new dresses, I have so much ideas. I m looking for new shoes so long and I still didn't find perfect one. Here is really hard to find nice shoes, and on internet is difficult to find my size, I m a big foot :), and I hate it but it is normal for my height (181 cm).

     As you know I m polka dots lover, and what is pin up girl without polka dots clothes :). I have so much polka dot clothes, dresses, blouses, simple shirts .... When you wear polka dots you can't go down the street unnoticed.  I will show you some of my favorite pieces, some of them you seen before.

I wanted to show you some of my outfits, but as you know my camera is broken and I still didn't decide what to do, what camera to buy.

Kisses until the next post :).

Immortality passion


  1. <3 Tufne su mi nesto najladje, a tebi super pristaju...Predivno!

    Mali slatki Giveaway na mom blog-u, navrati! :)


  2. Love all these polka dot pieces! Cute blog x

  3. Jako su mi slatke te točkice, pogotovo mi se sviđa ona tamno plava haljina s velikim točkama! :)

  4. točka do točke
    naj mi haljinak
    sa slike br. 3!!!

  5. A što ja više ne vidim kad ti objaviš novi post :(. Lijepe haljine, meni su polka dots jedan od najdražih uzoraka.

  6. Polka dots are essential in my wardrobe too... I can't live without! I hope your examens went well, and congratulations on your anniversary! :)

  7. joj tufni nikad dosta! :D a preporučujem ti da kupiš Nikon coolpix L 12O aparat, ja sam ga sebi skoro kupila, 480 KM ali je poluprofesionalni i stvarno odličan aparat.

    1. Citas mi misli :). Taj sam bas gledala i kontala ga da kupim :).

  8. i loved your blog really,it is so stylish and elegance, i am followıng you, if you follow me too i will be so happy :)

  9. baš mi se sviđaju te košuljice sa tufnama i ja ih namjeravam kupiti :)
    preslatka si :))

  10. That first little one is exceptionally cute! I'm a polka dot fan too. There is too much of it in my wardrobe.
    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  11. Tufnice <3 ja i nemam nesto puno stvari sa tufnicama ali ih obozavam :)

  12. Love the dots with the red lips.Rx

  13. Preslatka si u ovim tufnicama :)

  14. Primjetila sam da voliš polka dots.
    I baš je prepoznatljivo tvome stilu.

    Jako, jako slatko.
    Volim ih u crveno - bijeloj varijanti.
    Izgledaju mi kao otrovne gljive ;)

  15. Svakim od ovih tufnastih komada si me odusevila! <3


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