Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My everyday pin up make up-tutorial

As a lot of you asked me about my make up routine, finally I found time to do this tutorial, and hope that you like it. It is typical pin up make up from 40's and 50's. In this look accent is on eyebrows, eyes and lips. Without eyeliner can't imagine this look, of course. This is daily make up, make up on eyes is always the same, just I m changing color of my lipstick, red or nude pink. 
I didn't edit this photos in photoshop!

I didn't show you on photos how I done it, cus It is quite simple,chose your favorite concealer, liquid foundation compact powder and blush. I used this products.

Brushes that I used for this make up

I m putting Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow base on the entire surface of the upper eyelid, after that I add Rimmel Stay Matte compact powder.

2.Then I add Essence eyesadow-22 blockbuster

3.Below orbital bone I add Catrice brown eyeshadow 080 Help! I Am Stranded. I like this eyeshadow but it is to dificult to blend it. It takes a lot of time

4. Then I add my love-Rimmel Eyeliner

5. I add mascara on my eyelashes of upper eyelid.

6. On the inside of  the lower eyelid I add Essence white pencil, and the outer corner I add little brown eyeshadow. In the and I add just little mascara on lower lashes-Diorshow.

I used this:

1. I take my angle brush and Artdeco brown 2 eyebrows pencil and fill my eyebrows


1. I take red lipliner Golden Rose ( I m using it first time) and fill my lips

2. Then I take red lipstick and add in on my lips. Rimmel (I don't have number on it)

But for today I needed this soft rose lipstick, from Loreal.

And that is it :)

I hope that you like it. Questions, suggestions or what ever you want to know tell me, on mail or in comments.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Belgrade-part I

              Last night I came home, from Belgrade. This trip my boyfriend and I have planned for so long, but always some obligations prevented it. We were there five days. It was so nice and fun, and at last I bought my new camera :). I wasn't there four years, and I really love that city.
I will show you photos from first day, which we spent in center of the town, Kalemegdan fortress and some parts of the city near the center.

 Other part will be soon

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Monday, May 14, 2012

New in

I m not used to write this kind of posts, but there is first time for all :). In last time I bought a lot of things, and here I will show you some. All that stuff I bought via internet. In last time I m not in mood to walk and try to find what I want, because I know this will not  happen. Sometimes I buy things that I don't need, and It stay for years in my room, but I'll never wise up.

Pleated skirt from

Black multi-layer tulle skirt from , but I wear it like petticoat 

Revlon-Colorstay Foundation for Normal/ dry skin-150 Buff
I wanted this foundation for so long, and I have it now. I used it just ones and it is so good.

Concealer palette-15 colors, I m not using concealer so much, but I need it when I make up other people.

Other things I will show you when they arrive.
Did you bought something interesting in last time?

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love sailor clothes

           Sailor suit is uniform worn by enlisted seamen in navy. This suit long time ago got another purpose, there is a lot of dresses, skirts and shirts, that look like a sailor suit. For years it has changed. All we as a children had at least one sailor suit. Today when I say sailor clothes I mean clothes in white, red, navy blue color (which is one of my favorite color). Shirts or dresses with white&navy blue are must have.
        Every time when spring comes or summer I m thinking about sailor clothes. Shirts or dresses with white&navy blue are must have! For me that is not trend just for this year, it is for every year. I really don't care what "big fashionista" say.
I must admit that before I wore sailor clothes more than now.

This dress is so long on my wishlist, I really don't know why I still didn't bought it

photo by Virginie Notte

Of-course you must have sailor shoes too :)
You can't go on seaside without at least one sailor swimsuit
 Kisses until the next post
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