Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hair product that I use

Before, I showed you what I m using for my face, and now is a turn on my hair.
Naturally I have brown/dark brown curly hair. In past I dyed my hair, I was black, purple and dark red. Sometimes I used color shampoos too. But now I don't want to dye my hair never again. My hair become oily so quick and I must wash it so often, every two days. When I m in hurry I m just take shampoo and wash it quickly, but often I m using this products. I like to dry my hair naturally, but on winter I m using hair dryer, and I hate that cus my hair become so dry.
Currently I m using this products
I m changing shampoo often, and I m choosing shampoo for normal hair, or for repairing. With this shampoo I m using this great Fitoval shampoo  against hair loss. Sometimes I make natural tea of nettle and on the end of washing I pour over my hair with that tea.
Other products for care and repair
-Indola 4+4 professional intensive leave in treatment for dry and frizzy hair
This product use professional hairdressers. I spray it on my hair ends, and it is so good for combing hair, and makes your hair so smooth. 
-Avon shine serum for depth, richness and shine
This product I m using when I come from seaside, when my ends are so dry cus of salt and sun, and it is perfect for that, repair my hair so quickly.

-Avon, planet spa, mediterranean olive oil conditioning hair 
I m using this mask for so long time and it is one of my favorite product. When I washed my hair I m putting this mask on my hair for 10-15 minutes then I rinsed it with water, and my hair is like silk.
-Syoss Heat protect spray
I bought this product before one month, and I m not using it often just sometimes when I m using hair dryer or hair curler, when I want different type of curls. And I can't tell you that it is work well. Still I don't know.
-Castor oil
I m using castor oil sometimes before I wash my hair, I just rubbed it on the hair roots. This oil is so great for hair growth but it is so difficult to wash off. Sometimes I m using that for my eyebrows. But must know that this plant have toxic alkaloid ricinol.

I m using olive oil too, but for hair is the best unrefined coconut oil. I like to make natural masks with this oils and honey or others.
Tell me what do you use for your hair?
In some of my next posts I will show you some of my favorite hairstyles.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Outfit from Fusion Design Week day 2

I m little late with this outfit but I was busy and I m still busy :). On last Saturday I was on lectures with Natasa on Fusion Design Week. It was lectures from architecture, which is held one really good architect from Croatia- Idis Turato. Before that I really wasn't interested in architecture, but It was so great.
This blouse is so old, and it is one of my favorite.
 And here is my outfit- it was night and photos are not so great, sorry

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fusion Design Week

          Hello, hello. Vrijeme je napokon divno, to je najvaznije. U petak sam se napooookon upoznala sa divnom blogerkom Natasom, koja je takodje iz Banja Luke a njen blog mozete pogledati ovdje. Ja ipak mislim da smo se mi upoznale u nekom proslom zivotu :). Imamo toliko toga zajednickog, mislim da nam sve vrijeme ovog svijeta ne bi bilo dovoljno da se ispricamo.
         U Banja Luci se napokon nesto desavalo. Od 14.6-17.6 trajao je prvi Fusion Design Week. To je bilo idealno mjesto gdje su mladi kreativci pokazali svoje ideje i radove. Program je bio jako bogat, bilo je jako mnogo radionica, izlozbi i predavanja/diskusija. Zao mi je sto nisam imala vise vremena. Meni je najzanimljiviji bio Pop art Market. Na kojem sam bila u petak i subotu. Tu smo Natasa i ja upoznale Selmu, blogerku iz Tuzle (njen blog ovdje),koja je izlagala odjecu. Ovakvih druzenja stvarno mora biti vise.

Selma i ja

 Selma, Natasa i ja

Neki od standova na Pop art marketu

U sledecem postu cu vam pokazati outfit koji sam nosila u subotu

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The time I was daydreaming

Hello lovely readers. Yesterday was so confused and crazy day. I learned for test. It should be at 13h, and I got up early, washed my hair, learned, and I wanted to go out, then I don't know why I open my facebook and I sow that test is at 17h, that always happen at my faculty. Hate, hate, hate. Before test I  needed to buy batteries for my new camera, now I have it. Now when I have good camera I must find good photographer, cus I can't be photographer and model at the same time. This was my outfit for yesterday. I take my favorite shoes and my big bag for faculty, but it is not enough big, I need a suitcase :). I hope you like it.

My favorite song

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random photos of this week

Hello my lovely readers. I m pretty sick, and I m really not in mood to write so much. These are days of the month when you complain why are you female. Hate this days, injections, pills don't help. I will show you some random photos that I took this week. Like I said I m sick and I spend this week learning so I wasn't so active photographer and model :).

This week my younger, I will not sad little brother, cus he is not little at all, had his little prom 

I love to take photos of flowers, and my garden is full of it :)
I hurry to the faculty, it is so early in the morning
My sweet little neighbor
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I love my dress

         Hello my lovely readers I want to show you my outfit from last week. It was just one sunny day in rainy week. This dress I bought in Germany, and I wore it for first time. It is little short for my taste, but when I like something I must buy it. And cus of that I m wearing black layer-tulle skirt like petticoat. 
 In this outfit I have my favorite vintage bag, gift from my lovely Pippy. And thanks my sister for this photos :).