Thursday, August 23, 2012

Escape from reality

Have you ever wanted to take a small suitcase and get away from everyone and from everything, without thinking about the consequences? Don't know where you're going, where your legs will carry. To forget people, obligations and all worries, to enjoy yourself in nature.....
I carry a suitcase 65 years old who is full of memories...

I m wearing:
40's vintage pleated skirt
blouse and earings-some shop in Holland
shoes- gift form Holland ( I adore them)
purse- gift from Pippy
suitcase-vintage, from granny
hair flower- accessorize

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Love my life

Enjoy your life,
enjoy your love,
enjoy your freedom.
Let little things make your day beautiful.

Sorry for so much photos, but this was perfect day. I didn't edit these photos.
Immortality Passion

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun time,my birthday

Hello my lovely readers. Yesterday was a great day, it was so hot but was so nice, and yesterday was the last day of my 22 years. That means that today is my BIRTHDAY. I don't know why but every year I have some "birthday depression". I want to have 18 years forever :).
Ok, back on yesterday....I was out with my brother and sister, she is from Belgrade and she comes in visit, we went to the pool, walk, eat ice cream it was great, oh I like to be in younger company, I feel younger too :).
And here are the photos ( you can't see my outfit great, it was so funny, and I forgot to take outfit photos)

My birthday cake, one of my favorite. I made it ;)