Friday, November 30, 2012

Ladies love pearls

Hello my ladies.
It is snowing outside, but I will show you outfit that I wore few days ago, when was spring time outside :). I wore it at night but I took these photos before dark.
I received this pearl collar before two months but this is the first time I wear it, and here I have my "new" vintage bag.

I have new hair color, it is burgundy red, and I like it, sometimes is purple and sometimes is red, funny.

I m wearing:
Blazer-Vila clothes
Pearl collar, belt- Romwe
Shoes- random

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bloggers meetUp!

Yesterday I had great time, It was so fun hanging out with my bloggers. Now I wonder  why we haven't done this meeting before?!

There was Natasa, Jovana, Ducili, Maja, and me of course.We talked about everything, but most interesting was Ducili's story- her trip in Afghanistan :).

You know what happens when women talk so much, they forget other things. We forgot on time and when we went outside, It was already dark. But we took few photos.

Hope we will met again soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Red is the color of love

Hello ladies! November is here cold and windy and I m not happy because of that. Today wasn't so cold, so I didn't have to wear coat.

I want summer back!

Everytime when I wear hat the same situation occurs. People look at me like I m crazy. I m used to it but I will never understand those people. However I don't care and I m wearing what I like.

I m wearing:
Hat-30's vintage
Bag-vintage and retro shop

Immortality Passion