Friday, June 21, 2013

Polka dots & mint

Happy Friday. This photos were taken week ago. My sister had faculty prom. I was her photographer, I used the opportunity to take some photos for blog. I had two photographers.
I told before that you will see this skirt often because I really love it!

Bloggers always have problems with weather first rain and now heat. Plus exams, this is crazy month for me, but I will try to write posts here.

Photos: Dragan Rakic ( first 4)
             Branka Subotic (rest of the photos)

I m wearing:
Shirt: NY
Skirt: Gerry Weber
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Ebay
Hair flower: Accessorize

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to put your eyeliner

     Seven days ago, I received a request to do this tutorial, I wanted to do this before just I didn't have a time.
As you know I can't imagine my make up without eyeliner. I m using eyeliner every day for eight years. I always have eyeliner and red lipstick- classic pin up make up. For well placed eyeliner you need a lot of practice and calm hand. On beginning it wasn't easy at all, but now it is routine for me. You can put eyeliner on so many different ways. I will show you here just on way, that is the most easier I think.
Every time when you have free time take your eyliner and practice, after that you will see that is not difficult at all.

   Prije sedam dana dobila sam zahtjev da napravim ovaj tutorial, htjela sam i ranije da ga napravim ali stvarno nisam imala vremena.  Kao sto znate ja svoj make up ne mogu da zamislim bez eyelinera-a. Stavljam ga svaki dan vec nekih osam godina. Na meni uvijek mozete vidjeti eyeliner i crveni karmin- klasicni pin up make up. Za dobro izvucen eyeliner treba mnogo vjezbe i mirna ruka. Naravno na pocetku nije bilo nimalo lako, a sada je to vec rutina. 
Eyeliner mozete izvuci na milion nacina. Ja cu vam ovdje pokazati samo jedan od njih, cini mi se najlaksi.
Kad god imate vremena uzmite svoj eyeliner i vjezbajte, vidjecete uopste nije tesko.

If you have any question, suggestion or request for other tutorial feel free to ask in comment or on my email.
Have a nice day ladies.

Ako imate neko pitanje, sugestiju ili zahtjev za novi tutorial slobodno pitajte ovdje u komentaru ili na moj email.
Prijatan dan dame.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cameo & roses

Here I will show you outfit from yesterday. I grabbed ten minutes to take photos before the rain started to fall again. It was comfy outfit for coffee time with my friends. 
June has arrived, difficult month for me, it will be study time all the time. Now I'm going to hang out with book again. 

Winner of Birthday giveaway is Milana Gavric, check your email!
Have a nice day!

I m wearing:
Jacket: H&M
Shirt: vintage
Skirt: sewn

Bag: vintage
Shoes: no name
Cameo: vintage