Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Antwerpen I

    I started to write this post in the airplane because I couldn't wait to tell you my story about Antwerpen.
This city stole my heart, it has beautiful architecture and unique spirit.
Every part of the town have something authenic, new and behind every corner there is an interesting story to tell.

I must say that Antwerpen has the most beautiful Railway Station I've ever seen. It has four levels. I read that was built between 1895-1905. I could spend all day there to watch that beauty, I'm fascinated.

Behind me you can see the city hall at the Main square (Grote Markt) and Statue of Brabo and the giant's hand
I had lucky to go inside, to see all that beauty.

Antwerpen has a lot of little charming streets with restaurants, which are totally different from the rest of the town. It is like you entered in time machine. So quiet and timeless. Discover some of the shots we took in the smallest street in Antwerpen: de Vlaeykensgang.

Photos by: Milan Swolfs

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hello from Belgium

Kratak post samo da vas pozdravim i da vam posaljem pozdrave iz Belgije. Tu sam skoro dvije sedmice. Uzivam u zemlji cokolade, piva i predivne arhitekture a najvise u ljubavi, koja je i bila razlog mog dolaska ovdje.
Blog mi nedostaje, i znam da sam ga zanemarila, ali uskoro ocekujte mnogo prica i fotografija iz Belgije, jer su posebne, vidjecete i sami.

Ovdje cu vam pokazati samo fotografije mjesta koje sam posjetila.
Do tada mozete me pratiti na Instagramu @immortalitypassion

This is the short post, just to send you regards and kisses from Belgium. I m here almost two weeks. I enjoy in country of chocolate, beer and beautiful architecture, and in love the most, which was the reason of my coming here.
I miss my blog, I know I've neglected it, soon you can expect a lot of stories and photoshootings from Belgium, you will see.

Here I will show you just photos of places that I visited.

Until that you can follow me on Instagram @immortalitypassion.

De Haan

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My week on instagram


Here is my first instagram post. You can find me: @immortalitypassion

Next post I will write from other country, stay in touch.

Ready for my day
Strawberries from my garden.
 Next destination soon!
 Good hair day
 Little girl hairstyle 
Lunch in my favorite place
 Vini wished me Good morning as he entered in the house and jumped on me and my bed.
Then he stole my sock. 
Busy Saturday
Relaxed. No make up. Natural hair

Michael thank you so much on this gift and gif :)!