Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage coat


Receiving  gifts is always nice, certainly when it are clothes. It becomes even more valuable when those clothes have a history and are real ‘vintage’.

Before I continue the story about the coat I will tell you something more about the location. These pictures were taken on a lazy afternoon in Brasschaat near Antwerp in Belgium.

Now let me go on about ‘that coat’... For me it’s not just a simple coat, it has a rich story. I got this coat from my boyfriend’s mom. It wasn’t hers, it belonged to her mother. She told me all about her life and so this coat has a long history. For me this is so special and I am proud to wear this coat, I feel like I m wearing history, like I've entered in time machine.

I am sure I will pass this coat to my children. Enjoy the pictures and have a look at portraits of Frida Van Brussel, my boyfriend’s granny. 

I have this beautiful photos thanks to my love Milan Swolfs
Facebook page 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My favorite red lipsticks

I received many questions which red lipsticks I m using, and here I will show you my favorites. Like you know I have red lipstick every day on my lips and I don't feel same without it.
When I m choosing  lipstick, for me it is important to have matte finish and long lasting! I like many different shades of red, like brighten red-orange and dark red, cherry shades.

ARTDECO- Dita Von Teese 620- This lipstick I m using the most. Perfect red shade, combines intensive color, silky matte finish and really easy application. I m scared what will happen when I come to the end of this lipstick because it is Artdeco Limited Edition.

ARTDECO- Dita Von Teese 628- It is a darker shade of red, more like color of red wine ( I m not so good in explaining colors). Like the previous one, really good finish and long lasting. I really like the package of these lipsticks,it  black and really glamorous.

MAC Ruby Woo- It is retro matte lipstick. Lipstick is dry but don't make problems to my lips, and I m so glad, because this lipstick I adore. Totally vintage color and you can drink, eat this lipstick will not move from your lips. .

MAC Russian Red- This is the shade of red with blue undertone, darker then Ruby Woo. It has a matte finish, but completely matte, since it retains a bit of a creamy sheen.

Golden Rose 123- I was reading about this lipsticks, but never had opportunity to try them. I saw this wonderful lipstick accidentally, because I was looking for dark red or cherry shade for my 20's look. I really like this lipstick, it is long lasting, and color is perfect.  Perfect for 20's look.

Do you tried some of these lipsticks?
What are your favorite lipsticks?

Kisses until next post...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Holidays in Belgrade

I spent my holidays in Belgrade, and here is the first post from there. Belgrade is one of my favorite towns and I m always glad to be there again. I spent there most beautiful end and beginning of new year.

Now when I m thinking about 2013. that was one beautiful year. It started with one incredible fairytale story in which I found my love, and that story continues, I loved and was loved, had beautiful moments full of happiness, I traveled,  met so much wonderful people. I can say that 2013 changed my life completely.
Only sad thing is that I lost my granny, the best woman in this world. She will always be with us, in our minds.

In 2014 I m coming with big and serious plans for my future. I know it will not be so easy year, but in the end all will be good I m sure.

I wish you Happy New Year, a lot of happiness, health and love. Enjoy in every moment of your life, you live just once. Be in love, show love to your family and friends. Do crazy  things for which before you didn't had the courage. Let little things make you happy.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Currently I am writing this post while enjoying my holidays in Belgrade. It is already sometime ago that I was in Belgium. There I visited the most important cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Brugges, the Belgian coast  but I could not forget to write you about Gent. Gent is one of the student cities in Belgium, known for het “Gravensteen”, de “Gentste Feesten” and the famous painting the Lam Gods. But Gent is more then that: the nice squares and the event hall de Vooruit in romantic art deco style.
Gent is also the place to be in Belgium for vintage shops. They have a special hat shop Telesco Shop, a tea store of Simon Lévelt and second hand shop Think2wice. One day in Gent was not enough I certainly need to go back to do some shopping.

                Story, ideas and photos by: Corinne Volont