Thursday, April 3, 2014

Woody Ellen bags

Dear readers,

Last Saturday was a lovely, sunny spring day, a perfect day for shooting these wonderful bags in a beautiful park full of cherry and magnolia trees.
Behind brand Woody Ellen is Ellen Cornelis, Belgian illustrator and painter, creative lady with magical hands,living in Lovendegem, near to Ghent.  She converts her beautiful painting into these wonderful bags.
Every bag is painted with a lot of love and creativity, on water resistant fibre. Every move of brush is precise and magical.

You look for something vintage inspired, colorful and elegant? Then take a look in her website or online shop, I m sure you will find something for yourself. You can choose between more different collections, different sizes of bags, and there you can also find wallets and little charming mirrors.

Photos © Milan Swolfs
MUA/Styling: Me
Bags: Woody Ellen
Location: Eeklo

Collection: Honeybird

Collection: Blossom

Dress: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: Primark


  1. Predivne slike :) Odlično izgledaš :)

  2. Amazing pictures of you again! And beautiful bags :)

  3. You look heavenly among the blossoms :3 Those bags are lovely!

  4. Those bags are really beautiful!

  5. Svaki put kada pomislim da su ovo najlepse fotografije do sada dodju nove jos lepse, tako i sada. Najlepsa si ;)

  6. Stvarno bajkovito...:) najvise mi se dopada prva tasnica uz ovu kombinaciju i ambijent :)

  7. Prekrasno, fotografije su toliko divne da se ne mogu nagledati, a haljinu bi rado prošetala.

  8. Beautiful pictures :) <3
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  9. Prelepe fotografije <3 Tako su prolecne i vedre :D
    Torbice su odlicne, a najvise mi se dopada kako ti se uklopila 3. po redu ;)

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  11. Jao ne znam sta mi se vise dopada.Dali haljini, da li fotke, da li torbica ili divni svetni ceger.
    Obozavam sve <3

  12. Wow this is exactly What I Love!
    The pictures, the location, and your total outfit and make up.
    The bags are lovely Im sûre Gonna have à look ;)

  13. Everything in these photos are very lovely!

    Ryli :) <--- GIVEAWAY on NOW!


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