Saturday, July 26, 2014

Again here

I m here again after long time, I was on vacation and I took rest from everything, it was just relaxing time, enjoying and charging my batteries for busy period.
I was searching for some photos and found this. We took it long time ago, like test photos for Das Glück, I wrote about them here, I really like this combination red with petroleum green, and it is made from really good quality fabric.

Photos were taken in my favorite place, Kasteel van Brasschaat, as well as this post. 

Photos by Milan Swolfs

Shirt: Das Glück
Skirt: Das Glück
Shoes: Primark
Jewelry: Vintage

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage portraits

Long time I ago I fell in love with vintage portraits, especially old black one white, what really got me was simplicity of that photos but in the same that unique beauty.
In my old family albums I found a lot of these photos, and I could spend hours, drinking tea and flip through albums.

I said to myself I must have that photos and finally we found time to do something like that in studio, but I did`t had time to post them. 

I was thinking to do flapper look or 50`s, but I chose something in between, little more accent on eyes but not so much as flapper look.

Today I will not write so much, I m leaving you with photos.

Photos by Milan Swolfs

Hope you like photos. Enjoy in your day.