Saturday, July 26, 2014

Again here

I m here again after long time, I was on vacation and I took rest from everything, it was just relaxing time, enjoying and charging my batteries for busy period.
I was searching for some photos and found this. We took it long time ago, like test photos for Das Glück, I wrote about them here, I really like this combination red with petroleum green, and it is made from really good quality fabric.

Photos were taken in my favorite place, Kasteel van Brasschaat, as well as this post. 

Photos by Milan Swolfs

Shirt: Das Glück
Skirt: Das Glück
Shoes: Primark
Jewelry: Vintage


  1. You are always so classy and beautiful. Julie

  2. Stunning top! Your outfit really reminds me of the 60s :D

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. Sve je tako da savrseno da nema dalje :)
    Suknja mi je predivna :)

  4. Zaistaljepa kombinacija,i ja volim zelenu i crvenu,a tebi i prekrasno stoji ;)

  5. <333 pretty look babe

  6. Jao ovo je tako cute. Svidjaju mi se kontrastni detalji koji onak...stidljivo izviruju.


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