Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Birthday


Yesterday it was my 25th birthday. If you ask me, I have the feeling I'm getting old. But like most People say it is important how you feel, not what the age is on your ID.  I must confess that I'm just scared of becoming older. But in the current stage of my life I'm very satisfied. I was always surrounded with people I love, I did what I wanted and liked, and I'm satisfied with the little thing in life.

In this photos I'm showing you the atmosphere from yesterday.  I had marvelous day, nice food, lovely walks, and most important I had my fiancé with me, and that was my best Birthday gift ever and he made this day so special.

Here you can see the nice places in my town with tasty food, and now when I see it I know I will miss my town because soon I m moving to Belgium. 

Photos by Milan Swolfs


  1. Nice to see you with our birthday gift ! Wish you love and happiness

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!!!! It looks like you had a very perfect and delicious birthday :)
    mwah <3

  3. Divne fotke!!! Sve najljepse jos jednom <3
    A ja kao prepoznajem nesto od ovih delikatesa i cini mi se da je u pitanju Mala Stanica ;)

  4. Ti blistas,a kad blistas godine nisu bitne ;)

  5. Srećan rođendan! Na prvoj slici mi ličiš na Ditu!

  6. Sretan rodjendan i sretno u Belgiji. :-)

  7. Malo kasnim, no sretan rođendan. Fotkje su prekrasne i točkasta haljina <3

  8. Happy birthday!



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