Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh that beautiful nature


It was one sunny and relaxed Saturday we spent in nature, beautiful nature.
I realized that most of us always like to show photos from our travels, from some places not seen before which we consider so beautiful. Mostly forgetting that we are surrounded with the same beauty every day. It is weird that we visit this places just when we have guests, to show them our nice places.

Often we say oh it is boring here, we don`t have so much things to show but in the end we are not aware what we have, how much nice places are around us, pure nature for relaxing and enjoying.
This place is called Krupa na Vrbasu, it is 28 km distance from Banja Luka. Here you can see beautiful waterfalls of river Vrbas.
Oh now I know how I will miss this beautiful places and all nice places around my town.

Photos by: Milan Swolfs

I m wearing:
Dress: Lindy Bop
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Sandals: Carapko
Pearls: Vintage
Sunglasses: I am


  1. Kako mi imamo divnu prirodu a kao sto ti rece nismo ni svjesni niti je cuvamo. Haljina je preslatka i super ti stoji :)

  2. Haljina je prekrasna! I priroda, bila sam tamo uzivo i stvrano predivno!

  3. What an incredibly beautiful place, I just love the first photo! You look flawless as always and I love your summery floral dress :)

  4. Bas je lijepo, nisam nikada bila tamo ;)

  5. Your dress is amazing, really love it.

  6. Sweet dear, these photos and the location you were blessed to shoot them in are utterly, completely stunning!!! I now (desperately!!!) want to find a rushing river or waterfall someplace to photograph a vintage outfit with, too. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. What a beautiful dress, the print it's gorgeous and you really look like a vintage model. Oh, and, stunning location by the way!

  8. wonderful pictures!!!! ... and the dress is lovely too.

  9. the dress is so beautiful, amazing pictures!


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