Friday, September 19, 2014

Botanic garden


It`s been a while since I posted something on my blog. It was for a long time not on my priority list. Not because I didn't wanted, it is just because big and important things are happening in my life.
I came back in Belgium before a few weeks, I'm happy to be here again. I have a lot of busy schedules every day, a lot of obligations but soon you will discover more about my daily life here.

Today I'm taking you in one of Antwerp's little treasures: the botanic garden. One of my favorite places in Antwerp. The location of the botanic garden is situated in a vivid an interesting area. You really have feeling that u are in Paris. In this beautiful street you can find many interesting antique shops. If you are coming here, visit this place you will like it I'm sure.

Photos by: Milan Swolfs


  1. Beautiful photo's, I like your outfit! Especially uour lace vest :)

  2. Would love to go and visit Antwerp !
    These pictures are really pretty I love your sort of kimono x)

    Love from Paris,

  3. Fotografije su tako bajkovite! Sve mi se svidja :*


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