Sunday, October 19, 2014

One day in a castle


It is unbelievable for me that is autumn here and still so nice weather, sunny and 20°C.
This photos we took last weekend, that day was not cold but it was cloudy. My dressing mostly depend from my mood. And when weather is like that I become little depressive and then I always like to wear dark clothes. 

If you ask me dark clothes suit better in 20`s and 30`s style. That style I love so much because it is dark and mysterious, but I m not wearing it so often as i would like to. I must admit that i started to like dark red lipstick more and more and I'm wearing it more often. In one of next posts I will share with you my 20`s make up look which you can wear during the day, which is less dramatic.

I have this dress for so long and I'm wearing it often, but I've never showed it on my blog. When i bought this vintage hat last month I already had the idea to wear it with this dress. 

This wonderful place is Kasteel van Schoten, which is built 1548. In my opinion this castle was the perfect choice and suits so good with my style from that day. Before we took these photos we had a long walk around Kasteel where you can find a little garden with beautiful animals.

Photos: Milan Swolfs

I wore:
Dress- Sareni Izlog
Shoes: Borovo
Bag: Vintage
Hat: Vintage


  1. In Paris too it's very hot for the time of the year!
    nice photos btw xxx


  2. Wow, what beautiful photos, you look stunning! I love that hat particularly, and the whole look is so well put together. And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) CC x

  3. Divne fotografije! I styling mi je odličan :)

  4. Prekrasna si... Divno prezentiras duh nekih prislih vremena...:)

  5. Gorgeous !! Love your look darling!


  6. Awesome :) you look so beautiful :)

  7. I love your outfit, your make-up, the setting and the pictures. It just feels right this combination! Haha, well I guess I like it all ;)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  8. I'm not sure if I've told you before, but you have the most incredible fair skin, like snow - and it contrasts so well with your dark hair and the dark mood in these photos :) So beautiful :)

  9. Ovo je zaista prelijepo! :)
    Zapratila sam te na GFC i Bloglovin'! :))

    Beehive by B


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