Friday, November 14, 2014

We said YES!

Yes, that happened the 27th of September 2014, and I still can`t believe it, but then I see my beautiful ring which is a reminder of my promise. 

When I remember the beginning of our relationship and where we are now I think I'm dreaming. Our relationship began on one interesting way, modern world connected two vintage people, who were living so far away from each other. If someone said that I will find my soulmate on this way I wouldn't believe.
Our relationship was full of missing, traveling to see each other and big decisions. Go far away from your family, friends, your town, and start all from beginning was difficult, but all become more easier when you have big love and support.

Just three weeks before the wedding we knew the date for sure. For that three weeks we needed so much things to do, from finding a place and food to small details. 
In the end I couldn't imagine a better celebration. It was one emotional wedding with families from four countries, and with speeches on four languages :). That differences weren't boundaries, that just made us closer. 
My wedding dress is custom made from two pieces in Bosnia. Wonderful designer Ksenija from bridal shop "Vera" was in charged for my beautiful corset. She made specialy for me with so much love and care to every detail be in order. 
Skirt is made by my lovely aunt- her dressmaking salon. I want to thank you one more time <3
Wedding dress is finished in less than seven days, it needed all to be fast because I needed to travel to Belgium. But with my best team all went perfectly.

Shoes were the biggest problem, autumn was already here, and winter collection arrived, and that made me problem finding my wedding shoes, and I found them just few days before wedding.
My savior was Vegas shop in Antwerpen, with this lovely mint polka dots Cristofoli shoes.

Like cherry on top was my beautiful orchids fascinator made by lovely Jessika, who is behind brand Rock Rockabilly. I fell in love with this fascinator from first time I saw it, I knew it will go perfectly with my wedding dress, and I was in right, all guests liked it too. If you are looking for fascinator, head flowers or other accessories you must visit Rock Rockabilly online shop.

Make up as always I did myself, I know myself the best :)

Photos by Stephanie Fraikin

I m glad I finally shared my wedding story with my lovely readers, I hope you like it.
Till next post,


  1. Čestitam još jednom! Bili ste predivni. Čitam post i vidim sebe, isto sve morala organizovati za kratko vrijeme, a cipele bile najveći problem. Prešla grad uz duž i poprijeko i jedva ih našla. :) Bitno je da je sve prošlo kako treba. :)
    Šaljem ti puse iz Bihaća :)

  2. Wow, you look absolutely incredible! You are one stunning lady. Your dress is so elegant and beautiful - and I love the green/blue shoes with it (your 'something blue'!). And hats off to you for making a long distance relationship work, what a lovely story. CC x

  3. Čestitam Vam od srca i želim sve sve najlepše.
    Kada sam videlaprvu fotku znala sam odmah da je sve posebno i lepo u tvom vintage stilu.

  4. Kako ste samo predivniiii, čestitam i želim vam se najbolje u zajedničkom životu. Ljubac

  5. Endlessly happy congratulations to you both, darling gal!!! I'm a fall bride myself and love that I got to add our wedding anniversary to the long list of reasons why autumn is my favourite season.

    These photos are so filled with beauty, hope and joy! I really am elated for guys and wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Prekrasna haljina, čestitam! Buket me oduševio!

    FTG Facebook

  7. Congratulations, you looked very beautiful on your special day:)

    x Claude

  8. Srecno Dragana, bila si predivna a slike su savrsene. Uzivajte, sve najlepse vam zelim. :) xx

  9. Cestitam jos jednom,prekrasni ste oboje,i vidim bilo je to prekrasno vjencanje,tetka je odradila fantastican posao :-) a cipele su divne. Zelim vam jos jednom sve najljepse od srca,i da vam tako ljepo bude citav zivot :-*

  10. Congratulation to both of you. And so wonderful photos, you looked stunning!

  11. Congratulations beautiful doll, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness! There is nothing more wonderful than when two people who are meant to be find each other :)

  12. Congratulations!!! You were such a beautiful bride :)

  13. Congratulations to you both a lifetime of happiness!

  14. WOW! You look so beautiful. Love your dress and the bouquet is so gorgeous! Congratulations!!!


  15. Many congratulations! What a touching story, and those photographs are just sensational. You looked absolutely radiant x

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