Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The perfect gift for New Year-Giveaway


Today I m here to present you something brand new and fabulous: Real gold skin jewels presented by GoldSin! 

GoldSin 24K skin jewels

GoldSin is a company based in Trieste, Italy, which offers long-lasting and qualitative skin jewels. All jewels are made of 24K gold or 999 silver. GoldSin was the first to create pure gold skin jewel and is in front runner of this extraordinary fashion phenomenon. The tattoos are worn by several celebrities and praised by Luxury brands like Lanvin Paris and Marlies Dekkers. GoldSin offers a wide collection of designs and shapes. 

How to apply GoldSin Jewels? 

GoldSin’s skin jewels are designed in such a way that you can easily and quickly apply them yourself. The ‘two-dimensional’ jewels act like a second skin an adapt to your feminine curves. Applying them is quick and easy: simply place the jewels on your dry skin with the golden or silver side down. Wet the paper and remove it after 30 seconds. The pure gold or silver design will stick to your skin and make it sparkle for about a week.

Text and info ©www.goldsin.be 

Here is their website and you can check their collection.

Enjoy my giveaway! 

December is the month of holidays and gifts, and because of that I m giving you 5 GoldSin jewels, all instructions about giveaway is on my FACEBOOK PAGE. Giveaway is international and it will last till 10.1.2015.

Wish my followers all the best in 2015! Thank you so much for all your support!. 

                                          Photos by Milan Swolfs

Dress: Das Glück

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It`s time for holidays


When December came already you could feel Christmas spirit all around us. Holidays are the only good thing about winter. All that lights, beautiful decorations on streets, really make me happy. I forget about coldness and I just enjoy in that spirit. Now you don`t care about crowds on streets, even that becoming nice.
I love Christmas markets, smell of waffles and boiled vine.
I will just miss snow, because it make this atmosphere even more special. 

This year for me is special, I will celebrate two Christmases, and for me holiday season will last longer, what make me extremely happy. 

This photos we took in our house, which was already decorated in end of November, yes this year I was early bird. 

Photos by Milan Swolfs

I m wearing:
Shoes: Scalini
Hat and pearls: vintage

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Photos by my husband on our wedding


I am honored to write a guest post on the blog of my wife.
Most of you know me for the photos I do but now I am delighted to share you a story.
A story of our life, love and marriage. This year went so fast and the most important day of this year and the loveliest day of my life was our own marriage.  What a wonderful day it was, no rain, happy faces, lovely food, lots of dances, different languages and most important our families reunited. 

Being a photographer I couldn't resist to take some photos of my lovely wife on my own wedding. I choose them to be in black and white, because I feel these photos are timeless and they focus on the details not on the colors. I am so proud of my wife in all she does and will always support her with photos and new ideas.