Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It`s time for holidays


When December came already you could feel Christmas spirit all around us. Holidays are the only good thing about winter. All that lights, beautiful decorations on streets, really make me happy. I forget about coldness and I just enjoy in that spirit. Now you don`t care about crowds on streets, even that becoming nice.
I love Christmas markets, smell of waffles and boiled vine.
I will just miss snow, because it make this atmosphere even more special. 

This year for me is special, I will celebrate two Christmases, and for me holiday season will last longer, what make me extremely happy. 

This photos we took in our house, which was already decorated in end of November, yes this year I was early bird. 

Photos by Milan Swolfs

I m wearing:
Shoes: Scalini
Hat and pearls: vintage


  1. O wauw wat een prachtige foto's zeg! Wat heb jij mooie wenkbrauwen ook!
    Love your blog! Ik volg je nu via bloglovin! XO

  2. Amazing photo <3
    Saskia ! xo

  3. predivno, ja volim i zimu i ukrase i lampice ;)

  4. You look so lovely, also this christmas tree looks so cosy!

  5. Amazing pictures! You look so pretty ♥ some day I will make cute christmas photos, too.

  6. I love your style! You look sooo amazing !!! :)


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