Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New family member

This is my first post in this year although first part of January is already gone. I m always late.
Few days before New Year we received the best gift ever. This cutie animal. He is samoyed-husky Yuki. He made our life more beautiful and we are so happy with him, even we have now much more obligation then before. I often say i feel like I have child, just I don`t need to learn him to talk and walk :). I don't need to tell that everyone adore him.

You could see before on my blog that I have samoyed dog at home in Bosnia, I really missed him and I couldn't take him with me, but now I have here this adorable dog. I m just crazy about white fluffy samoyeds. 

This photos were taken during our walk and Yuki's first visit to parents in law. That is the reason i m wearing pants after so long time, it is not possible to walk with him in high heels and shirt even just for photos :).

Photos Milan Swolfs


  1. Oooh he's really cute *-*
    and I like your hat ;)

  2. Ooooh adorable! ♥

  3. You're both very cute and adorable! And as always nice pictures Milan!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! Samoyed's are actually my all time favorite breed - I always get so excited when I see them in the street, or if I ever go to a dog show I always make a bee-line for the Samoyeds :D They are SO beautiful, so fluffy and so clever - I want one SO much. However I don't know how good it would be keeping a Samoyed dog where I was 37C today and I don't think a dog that fluffy would handle the heat. But how I love them, you are so SO lucky! I look forward to more pictures of beautiful Yuki, he is a great companion for outfit posts :)

  5. I have never been a big friend of dogs until I once saw a Samoyed when I was working in a bok shop, since this day I lost my heart to them. They are so amazingly beautiful. But because they do need so much time to run and because our cat wouldn't approve I don't have one myself.
    I wish you a lovely time and many happy years with this furry friend!

  6. Oh wow, I love dogs and yours is absolutely beautiful!! These, therefore, are among my favourite outfit photos I've seen for a long time. Your outfit is so striking next to his white fur as well - and I think it must be the perfect dog-walking outfit. You look stylish but still warm and practical. Gorgeous! Please, tonnes more photos of Yuki with you!!

  7. I just discover your blog and I lovee it, girl you are so special i would love to see your makeup routine so simple and classy! Btw I loved your wedding dress too, so unique!
    Greeting from Macedonia! :)

  8. Hi! I just discovered your blog and am now following it :)
    I love your dog- so cute! We recently got a new furry Akita x Husky. We are in love with her!

  9. Divan post... sigurna sam da vam je beli cupavi stvor obogatio i ulepsao zivot! :))
    Svidja mi se i stajling, bas ti pase ta zenstvenost...:)


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