Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Small happy family


Yesterday was one nice and special day. We are married for exactly 4 months and one month since Yuki is with us. Time is going so fast, and I m so happy that two big days are on same date. Our intention was to take just one family photo but in the end we finished with more cute photos and I decided to show them here. To take a good photo with a dog? Mission impossible. If you could just see the behind the scene photos. Yuki couldn't just sit, he wanted to lay and to be cuddled. He is the cutest dog ever. After this he had his first bath here. Must say he was good, and now he is extra fluffy.

Photos Milan Swolfs


  1. pa Yuki ima matching kravaticu!
    lijepi ste mi svi troje na slikama :)

  2. Ulepsale su mi dan ove fotke, predivni ste! :)) ...i znam koliko je tesko ljubimcima da miruju tokom fotkanja, tako da je ovo cista umetnost i s te strane :)

  3. Ovo je jedan od najvećih pozera kojeg sam ja vidjela među psima, i moja je takva! Preslatki ste, stvarno vrhunske fotke!

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  4. What a beautiful dog! He looks so happy with the two of you :)

  5. oh my god, those pictures are so beautiful! You guys look really happy! ♥♥ Lots of love! x

  6. <3333 such lovely pictures!

  7. Uh draga ove fotke ,i vise nego savrsene i lepo je videti vas srecne :)



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