Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Here I m with new post, and again with Yuki, I hope you don't mind. Yuki is here, because this photos were taken during walk with him. 
I must say that Yuki and high heels are not good combination. Same is for clothes, he likes to jump, yes really active dog. I don't know how but I survived. My most important accessory is roller for taking off his hair, I have it in every bag, and still is difficult. 

Latest, for me navy became new black, I always liked navy but this winter even more, and I really like to combine it with red.  
Photos are taken in our favorite place- Kasteel of Brasschaat. Our wedding photos and one of my favorite photoshoot were taken here.

Photos by Milan Swolfs

I wore:
Coat: Green Ice
Dress: H&M
Stockings and beret: Veritas
Shoes: Scalini
Bag: Woody Ellen


  1. Divna kombinacija, a tek kuca. <3

  2. So beautiful! I hope Yuki didn't put white hair all over your dark clothes :)

  3. Pa ne znam kome bi Yuki mogao smetati...:) mislim da cemo imati problem ubuduce kad ga ne bude na fotkama, jer stvarno idealno pasete jedno drugom :D

  4. Terrifically beautiful images - and backdrop location. I do so (in a loving kind of way) envy my European vintage loving friends who have stunning mansions, castles, palaces, and other historical backdrops like this to pose with.

    Your outfit is really lovely, dear gal, and features one of my favourite colours (navy blue) ever. I'm planning a post dedicated just to this hue next month (or so :)) actually.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your wonderfully nice comment on today's interview post with Emileigh,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Lovely beret and cute white wolf ;)

  6. That's so beautiful! x


  7. OK i think the dog stole the spot light in this one ;) Nice look !


  8. This looks so great on you! You have beautiful hair! :)

  9. Wooow! Divan ti je cijeli blog, prekrasne fotke!

  10. Wonderful hat, bag and dog ;)


  11. lovely pictures, really cute with the dog

    x Claude

  12. Very nice first picture otherwise I agree about the high heels. Boots would have been my choice.


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