Monday, April 13, 2015


Dear readers,

This is my favorite part of the year spring with the cherry blossoms. Now winter and spring have a fight who will take the pedestal, but it is time for spring.

Every spring we search for a new park to visit. Last year we were in the Japanese Garden in Hasselt. This year we discovered the Aboretum in Kalmthout. The most difficult part is the timing of the blossom. We were lucky, we enjoyed the marvelous spring colors and flowers, nice weather and beautiful garden.

I share a special love with Sakura, my husband made a big print of Sakura from his trip in Japan and it now hangs in our living room. One day we will go there together. 

This garden is just 35 km from Antwerpen. If you are in spring in Antwerp, I suggest you to visit this garden, it's worth it. You will enjoy in beautiful nature, different kind of plants and trees.

Going in some nice location we are always prepared to take some photos. We did the same this time. I admit it was not easy. Camera, a lot of people and Yuki. But I think we did a good job.
What you think?