Saturday, May 30, 2015



I visited Berlin more than a month ago, and since we came back home I'm thinking to share you my story or not, and of course we have lots of photos, it's always difficult to make a selection.

I think that my impressions about Berlin are still not complete. I like the town but there is one but, and I don't know how to express it. I can say that Berlin is beautiful town, but it has not the same charm and romantic character as Paris. Although I must admit Berlin impressed me, it has something special. It is its rich history which makes Berlin so interesting.

The architecture of Berlin is mixture of old, communistic and modern buildings, all of them give Berlin its cult status.

During our trip we wanted to see all popular places in town but also to visit some other neighborhoods out of center, and of course to enjoy in nice food and drinks.

Our hotel was on Alexanderplatz and that made transportation easy. 

People in Berlin are really friendly and helpful, and if you start to speak on German, they really show respect for that.

The town is full of alternative people and they are also so friendly. What ever you dress you will not be so special in Berlin :). All is already seen.

Berlin has some very nice places with delicious food and relatively cheap compared to other European capitals. It is often much cheaper compared to Belgium cities. 

Nightlife is unique in Berlin. We went out in the most "special" techno clubs called Berghain. We went on a sunday afternoon because club is working all weekend. I don't have any photo from that place, because it is forbidden to take photos. You can understand why.  All people were wondering what one vintage couple is doing in such a club. I went there because my husband is big lover of non commercial techno music, and being the good wife I am I went with him. Music was great but all the rest isn't really my thing.

That was my short report from Berlin, I hope you like it.

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  1. Slucajno sam upravo pronasla tvoj blog - stil ti je skroz drugaciji od vecine, slike fenomenalne,.. Bas mi je drago da sam ti pronasla blog, samo naprijed!


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