Monday, May 4, 2015

Tea time


Today I'm in red mood, and that happen thanks to spring and beautiful weather. I speak all the time about spring, but it is my favorite season.

In my free time I enjoy in shopping for flowers. Every few days I have new. This time I have tulips. Then I found napkin for table with cherries, and happen red magic on my table.

One fact you maybe didn't know about me is that I'm collecting vintage tea cups and teapots. But all my collections is still at my parents in Bosnia.

This cups you can see are from my husband's granny and they are unique Chinese porcelain.

Dress: Hell Bunny (via TopVintage)


  1. So beautiful, tulips are a favorite of mine, although they are hard to come by where I live! You look stunning as always and I must say what a beautiful home you have, everything looks lovely :)

  2. You look so beautiful, I love your makeup maybe I'll try this for my prom ^_^

  3. Savršene fotografije, ti kao i uvek divna. :)

  4. This red dress is so stunning. You look so classic and vintage.


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