Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seventy One


I m back here after long time.
Today I want to show you photos we did before some months, for one beautiful shop in Antwerp called "Seventy One". 

It was nice but tiring assignment, more then fifteen combination to photograph, but I really enjoyed. Here you can see just some of them. 

This shop exist from March, and this photos we took one month later for online shop.

In this cosy shop in heart of Antwerp and also on online shop, you can find all well know repro brands like Voodoo Vixen, Collectif clothing, Banned, Lady Vintage, Lola Ramona and many others.

I m really happy that we have one more shop like this in Antwerp,  because most of my clothes I buy online and I don't have that nice feeling of trying all that beautiful dresses before I buy them.  

If you come in Antwerp mark this shop in your map.
You can find shop in Nationalestraat 71.

Kisses til next post.

Ma Chérie D


  1. Good to see you back on the blog!
    You look amazing! x

  2. Your look so good in these dresses!
    Can't wait for your new post!

  3. Pretty <3


  4. Great photos, fantastic clothes.. You look amazing! x

  5. Uh ne znam koja haljina mi se vise dopada :)
    Torbica mi je savrsena :)

  6. sve je divno kad si ti zgodna i prekrasna ^^ jako mi se sviđaju cipele sa prugicama i točkicama


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