Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas just like the one i used to know

Ho, ho, ho

It's Christmas time! Oh how much I like this part of the year. I can't even concentrate on the writing because the smell of my cherry pie is seducing me. All house smells on delicious food and Christmas mood is here.

Presents are wrapped and waiting under the Christmas tree, we just need to be patient.

What makes a perfect vintage Christmas? A lovely tree, vintage decorations and the right outfit. Right before Christmas we were invited by our great friend Luc who has the loveliest tree you can imagine. Not just the tree but all the decorations are so “swell”: mushrooms, a red Corvette and even Elvis is hanging in the tree. No Christmas without the gifts and the best one I got is this beautiful red dress. Thank you Milan! All I can hope now is to have a white Christmas… if I will not have it in Belgium hopefully I will have it in my hometown of Banja Luka where I will celebrate the Orthodox Christmas.
Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Party like a Gatsby


This Saturday we had a great "Modern times- Party like a Gatsby"party in Antwerpen. The party was hosted in one of the most beautiful venues in town, De Roma. So I used the opportunity to take some photos there.

I just adore 20's and all that charm and beauty it brings. However I must say that all about the roaring 20's is somehow neglected. In every town you can find some swing party with music of 40s or 50's, every shop has dress inspired by years 40's-50's but you can rarely find great 20s events.

When I was sure that I will attend this event, I knew that I want to wear Gatsbylady dress. In my opinion they have the biggest range of 20's dresses.

I wore Francesca vintage inspired flapper dress in black silver color. This soft noir glamourous flapper dress has a sparkling hand-embellished design. I was admiring this precisely sewed bidings.The Francesca dress features V-neck in front but also in the back, it has scallop hemline and it is sleevlees as you can see.

This dress is made from two layers. First layer is made from black soft strech which is overlayed with black sheer tulle with all this beautiful beadings.

Here I also have a Charleston  black headband which fits perfectly the flapper girl look of that decade.

Dress: Francesca dress by Gatsbylady
Headband: Charleston headband by Gatsbylady
Stole, gloves, jewelry: Vintage
Sandals: Zalando

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Colors of Trinidad


Today I m here with another post from Cuba. 

This time I m taking you in one wonderful town which is after Havana my favorite town on Cuba. It's Trinidad. 

If you saw any advertisment about Cuba I m sure that you saw at least one image from Trinidad. It's just not posibble to travel to Cuba and not to add Trinidad to your bucket list. 
This town exudes with courtesy and positive energy. Even you can see a lot of tourists here, local people are so nice and friendly, they will give you nice words and smiles without asking anything in return what is different compared to Havana.

This is the place where you need to take an extra pair of batteries for your camera. You just can't stop taking photos, every detail about this town is so special and wonderful. But I think that even the best camera can't capture this beatiful colors. This town stole my heart. 

In Trinidad I wore another Very Cherry dress. This time was Revers dress in Black. This dress is just adorable. The thing about this dress that I like is that this dress is elegant but also comfy everyday dress.  This dress also have really beautiful details like buttons in the front and cute little pockets.

Photos Milan Swolfs photography and me

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Drive with style in Cuba


In few last posts you can just see just photos from my travels, but I enjoy location shooting a lot lately. Trips are also great opportunity to do some different photos in another environment. 

This time I take you to Cuba. We came home some days ago full of new stories, new experiences and many photos that are waiting to be exported.

We did a road trip with few last days just for relaxing in Varadero. 

One of that wonderful experiences was driving in an oldtimer in Havana by night. Oh I can't describe you that feeling. For a moment I thought I m in an old Hollywood movie. It was the perfect scenario: vintage car, a beautiful town with old buildings and me in the main role. What could I ask more?!

Since we booked this trip I knew that I must do this photoshoot. Cuba is a country where oltimers are a part of the scenery and towns are like the decor from old movies. My idea couldn't be realized in Havana due to lack of time but we did it in Varadero.

On this photos you can't see typical Cuba but just wait till next post!

Let me give you some details about my outift! 

This wonderful dress I m wearing is New York dress by Very Cherry and you can find it here. I know what would be real cliché if I say that is favorite dress in my wardrobe but I really mean that. It's all what you want in one piece. It is elegant, classy but in the same time really comfortable. This dress is the dress for all year. I already see myself in it during this autumn. This time I can't be modest, I must say I v got many compliments for this dress.

When I v got this dress I had all outfit in my head. I knew I must combine it with my new Miu Miu sunglasses from Pretavoir. I thought it would be wonderful combination, and I must say I love it!

The rest of the outfit:
Scarf: Seventy One
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes