Thursday, November 24, 2016

Colors of Trinidad


Today I m here with another post from Cuba. 

This time I m taking you in one wonderful town which is after Havana my favorite town on Cuba. It's Trinidad. 

If you saw any advertisment about Cuba I m sure that you saw at least one image from Trinidad. It's just not posibble to travel to Cuba and not to add Trinidad to your bucket list. 
This town exudes with courtesy and positive energy. Even you can see a lot of tourists here, local people are so nice and friendly, they will give you nice words and smiles without asking anything in return what is different compared to Havana.

This is the place where you need to take an extra pair of batteries for your camera. You just can't stop taking photos, every detail about this town is so special and wonderful. But I think that even the best camera can't capture this beatiful colors. This town stole my heart. 

In Trinidad I wore another Very Cherry dress. This time was Revers dress in Black. This dress is just adorable. The thing about this dress that I like is that this dress is elegant but also comfy everyday dress.  This dress also have really beautiful details like buttons in the front and cute little pockets.

Photos Milan Swolfs photography and me


  1. I feel silly, but I didn't know about this brand! But I love a comfy and practical day dress, so I need to brush up on what they do immediately! This is a great look for some sight-seeing - although I'm not sure I could handle a black dress in a hot country ;)

  2. Beautiful photos, you look amazing! x


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