Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Drive with style in Cuba


In few last posts you can just see just photos from my travels, but I enjoy location shooting a lot lately. Trips are also great opportunity to do some different photos in another environment. 

This time I take you to Cuba. We came home some days ago full of new stories, new experiences and many photos that are waiting to be exported.

We did a road trip with few last days just for relaxing in Varadero. 

One of that wonderful experiences was driving in an oldtimer in Havana by night. Oh I can't describe you that feeling. For a moment I thought I m in an old Hollywood movie. It was the perfect scenario: vintage car, a beautiful town with old buildings and me in the main role. What could I ask more?!

Since we booked this trip I knew that I must do this photoshoot. Cuba is a country where oltimers are a part of the scenery and towns are like the decor from old movies. My idea couldn't be realized in Havana due to lack of time but we did it in Varadero.

On this photos you can't see typical Cuba but just wait till next post!

Let me give you some details about my outift! 

This wonderful dress I m wearing is New York dress by Very Cherry and you can find it here. I know what would be real cliché if I say that is favorite dress in my wardrobe but I really mean that. It's all what you want in one piece. It is elegant, classy but in the same time really comfortable. This dress is the dress for all year. I already see myself in it during this autumn. This time I can't be modest, I must say I v got many compliments for this dress.

When I v got this dress I had all outfit in my head. I knew I must combine it with my new Miu Miu sunglasses from Pretavoir. I thought it would be wonderful combination, and I must say I love it!

The rest of the outfit:
Scarf: Seventy One
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes


  1. awesome pics, beautiful look

  2. WOW!! Stunning!! I love your dress, sunglasses and that car - what a beauty x

  3. OMG love this shoot! Makes me wanna go to Cuba even more!!


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