Monday, January 23, 2017

Colourful winter


It's almost the end of January and I m writing my first post in 2017. Shame on me! This winter is so not inspirational and it is so cold to pose outside. I also took small break from photoshoots and did some projects behind the camera, which in some cases I like even more.

This pink coat I bought two years ago, and I love it so much but some reason (don't ask me why) I never wore it that often.
When I received this dress I knew that I want to pare it with this pink coat. I think it's a lovely combination.

The dress I m wearing is a Ruby Vintage Divinity Swing Dress by Black Butterfly Clothing and you can find it now on sale!

Flower dresses are not something I tend to wear during the winter but sometimes we need a pop of color to break these grey and cold winter days.

This dress is made from pure cotton and it's so comfy. It also has a beautiful heart neckline and cap sleeves. 
I only had a small problem with the size, as you can maybe see, it's a little bit too big on my waist, but that's easy to adjust. However I really love this dress and it will be great choice for some spring and summer days.


  1. OOOOHHH ITS SUCH A LOVELY COAT!!! I love it! And the photos are perfect to show this off! So lovely!

  2. The coat is so pretty! I totally agree that we have to sheer the winter up with some floral dresses!


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