Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cherry Blossoms with Stop Staring!


I still can't believe that spring finally came. While I m writing this post I m sitting in my garden with bare legs and absorbing the first real sun rays. Oh this is all I need. Give me sun and I m the happiest girl.

I never want to miss sakura because I adore cherry blossoms and we also have some great parks here in Belgium. Every year I have the same doubts: should we do a sakura photoshoot or not because we did it last year, and also previous year?! But I just love this beautiful blossoms and colors on my photos.

I think that this year I found a great combination. My Madrid dress by Stop Staring! in beautiful aqua color suits perfectly with the lila colors of blossom. For me spring is all about pastel and bright colors. 

This dress is so pleasant to wear, it's just like second skin. This is another proof why Stop Staring is one of my favourite brands.


  1. Oh my word! Look at those blossoms! It's still cold and rainy and snowy and winter-y here in Boston!! I can't wait for our trees to bloom! I will live vicariously through you in this sweet dress in the meantime =)

  2. What gorgeous photos! I dream of finding a tree like this... I am totally with you, give me sun and I can take on the world :D I've not seen this style of dress before, but I love the shoulder details. Suits you beautifully <3

  3. Prachtige fotos!! Vind je tekst ook heel mooi omschreven hoe je denkt over de lente :)

  4. You should never stop taking pictures on the flowers, it's just so lovely ! ♥ Love your dress!

  5. You look so pretty! <3


  6. Divan post draga <3
    Pogledaj moj blog . Pišem o fashion,beauty i lifestyle temama .Bilo bi mi drago da zapratimo jedna drugu i uživamo u novim postovima ♥



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