Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Le Fabuleux destin de Ma Chérie D

Stop Staring Aspen dress review
Stop Staring Aspen dress


One thing that you didn't know about me is that I m big movie lover. I see at least two movies per week but I easily forget the fabula of movie or the name. I have no idea why this happens. There is one exception, there is one movie I know everything about. I still can remember every scene, every dialog and even the soundtrack.

That movie is "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain". The movie is a real romantic masterpiece. It is even difficult to put into words how much I love "Amélie". All about this movie is perfect from the innocent love story, Amelie's character to the soundtrack. 

Since our hotel was on Montmartre, the same neighbourhood where Amélie was filmed, I felt like I came into her world. 

Every day we would go to visit some known and wonderful places in Paris but every evening we would come back to "our neighbourhood" and we would spend hours wondering around small streets of Montmartre. 

When we came in front of her building and grocery shop I was just expecting when Collignon will appear to give some speach to poor Lucien. For me all was so realistic. I m just so in love with this movie.

We spent two wonderful evenings in Café des 2 Moulin, where Amélie works as a bar tender in the movie. You will read all about that in another blog post.

Stop Staring Aspen dress

For this wondering in the streets of Montmartre I choose the Aspen dress by Stop Staring!. Since it was so hot that day I needed a light and open dress. Did you see the back of this dress? Oh that is my favourite part of it! I know it is maybe not the most beautiful combination but I wore it with my old comfy sandals because we walked all day.

This dress is a little bit to large for me but I didn't have time to bring it to atailor, but I must do it, so it will fit perfectly.

Stop Staring Aspen green dress

cafe des 2 moulin Montmartre paris

Could it be coincidence that a few 100 meters away from the Amélie superetta you can find a photomatic? Wonderful!

Montmartre Paris

Paris Montmartre Metropolitain

Stop Staring Aspen green dress


  1. Woow, such a beautiful photos! Lovely ♥


  2. Oh wonderful! :)) Thank you for this inspiration! Have a nice weekend and best wishes from hotel st. ulrich ( http://www.laperlahotel.info ) yours Maria ;)<3

  3. Stunning!!!!! Beautiful pics and oh my gosh that dress is perfect, you look gorgeous as always x


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