Wednesday, October 18, 2017



I published my first post from Bali but now comes something totally different.

When I chose these dresses my idea was to wear them during my trip on Bali. In my mind I was wearing these on a beautiful beach during a sunset with my typical red lipstick and a flower in my hair. Totally me, right? The thing is that these dresses arrived when I was already on Bali so I needed to change my plans. 

In Belgium it's not the best time for the photos right now. We still have some sunny days but days are so short! I the end we still managed to do photos and I must admit I'm happy with these autumn photos. 

As you will notice, the style of this dresses is something pretty different. I would say it is more bohemian romantic then my usual pin up/vintage style. 

These dresses are so verstile they can be worn during the day but also for some special occations. Details on them are so beautiful

I decided for myself to do a different make up look then usual this time. I think all of us have some eyeshadows in our make up palette that we never use because we think that they don't suit good to our eyecolor, undertone or who knows what more. I have that thing with warm brown shadows since I have a cool undertone. Maybe you will say that is your usual make up just without red lipstick but for me is pretty different.

Sometimes is good to go out from your comfort zone and to try something different, because you will never know how it will look on you if you don't try. Just play, it's interesting.

Dresses: Metisu (here) and (here)

Shoes: Melissa


  1. I've considered ordering from Metisu but they have such negative reviews online. Any thoughts?


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