Saturday, October 21, 2017



In my first post from Bali I wrote my thoughts about our Kayumanis Private Villa. Since the first time we saw our villa online I knew what kind of photos I would like to capture there. 
These interesting and beautiful places are always inspirational for me. It can be a hotel or simple street with beautiful houses.

I had colourful photos with a tropical vibe in mind. I wanted to incorporate all this beautiful tropical plants in our photos and I wanted green to dominate. My colourful bathing suit and turban helped with that. 

Now while I m posting these photos I realised that this trip made me brave at some point, even if that sounds funny or stupid to you. I finally did something different then I do usually, I even show my body more then usual even though I m totally not satisfied with it. But I just like these photos even with my faraway from perfect body.

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