Thursday, January 4, 2018



It's been almost three months since I came back from Bali and I still didn't share all blog posts from there. I just had some other obligations and great collaboration inbetween. Since it is winter here in Europe it is nice to remember beautiful summer days.

Since I wrote posts from Sanur and Ubud now came time for the one from Nusa Dua.

About Nusa Dua itself, you will read in my Bali travel guide. 

I m so happy that we managed to to this photos and now I will tell you why it was such a challenge.

This what you see in the background it's not a temple it is just a beautiful part of our hotel, and this place was almost more busy then the whole hotel. Since our hotel had a service of wedding and pre-wedding photos for mostly Chinesse couples this place was busy from 6am to 11pm. 

The same moment we saw this place we knew that we must make photos there.

Next day we came, I was ready, Milan had his camera and we were waiting for our moment. Oh and heat was the worst, more then 30C. We used just few minutes in this space and that was it. We needed just to hope that photos are good, but they are great in my opinion. Hope you like it also.

Here I m also wearing another beautiful Hearts and Found dress with my favourite lemon print.

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