Dragana Subotic Swolfs is born in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and living in Belgium since 2014. Dragana was heavily influenced by Hollywood movies of the 30s, Rock & Roll records from her grandmother’s Portoroz Radio and the style of movie stars of the golden age. Born in the end of the eighties but she felt she was born in the wrong century, her way of life started 40 years before she was born…

She started with her first blog in May 2011, but quickly her clothing style and photography was appreciated by the world wide web and soon other influential pinup bloggers and clothing brands started admiring her style and elegance.

All went even more fast when she moved in Belgium, where she had the opportunity to work for some of the most influential vintage inspired clothing brands.

Most of the photography work on her blog is by Dragana’s husband, Milan Swolfs, a professional portrait and wedding photographer who supports her with new photoshoots ideas and settings.  

Dragana’s connection with the vintage inspired style doesn’t stop with being a pinup model and blogger. She is also very talented with makeup and helps her husband as a photographer and make up stylist during weddings.

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